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The Truth About Computer Service Rates

It is easy to be overcharged in the computer world. When a problem comes along that you can’t fix, you turn to the computer sevice company. That company, knowing that you couldn’t solve the problem, can easily overcharge you without your knowledge. At VTS, we strive to inform our clients of this problem and making sure that they never get stuck in it again.

We are all about providing quick convienent service to the residents of Vashon Island. We realize the demand for technical support as technology moves at a quicker pace. Most of these problems are happening in your home, and bringing your home to town to be fixed in a store just doesn’t make sense. We come to you to see the problem where it truly exists. If the problem is something we can fix on the spot you will have a working system without the need to wait or a huge dent in your wallet. If it is something we must take with us, you’ll have your computer back before you know it.

 Welcome to We are dedicated to providing the best support possible at an affordable price. We offer lessons, website and graphic design (including webhosting), custom computers to fit your needs, and computers we have predesigned. To search about our website, use the links above.

The support we offer over the phone and email is free to use, and we are happy to come out to homes to do services that require extra assistance. Please feel free to share anything you find on this site, and help us get the word out about