VTS Lessons Program

  • Before we start you’ll complete an evaluation so we know where you’re at, what you want to learn, and what you don’t want to learn.
  • A broad range of topics. We cover topics ranging from basic computer use to Power User techniques, and everything in between. Check out a more complete list below.
  • Seasoned instructors. We’ve taught many individual lessons to users of every experience level, so we know how to clearly communicate what you want to learn without flooding you with incomprehensible tech lingo.
  • We move at your pace. We will never leave you behind, and we always make sure you are feeling confident about everything we have covered before we move on.
  • The lessons are all about you. We never touch the mouse.
  • Curiosity and exploration are encouraged. All questions you have will be answered and explained thoroughly, and there is no such thing as off-topic. You can pursue anything that piques your interest, and you will never hear “Sorry, that’s not in the lesson plan.”
  • Want to take lessons as a couple? No problem. Same rate, just one more chair.

An investment in computer education is a huge asset. Every day we come to rely more and more on computers, and every new thing you learn will save you time, money, and much frustration. So whether you’re a Mac user or a PC user, consider giving yourself, or someone else, the gift of computer knowledge today.

PC Lessons

Have the Windows blues? Our lessons for Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7 will give you the step up you need to change frustration into productivity. A few subjects that you may want to cover include:

  • Basic Windows Use
  • Internet Use
  • Microsoft Office
  • Photo Management
  • Music Management
  • Email Management
  • Dealing with Viruses (Malware)
  • Maintaining Windows
  • Your Own Request Here

Mac Lessons

Our Mac lessons are designed to accommodate people of any skill and experience level, and are individually tailored to your needs. Whether you have never used a Mac before and want to learn, or have used them for many years and want to get even more out of your computer, we have something for you. These sessions are crafted just for you; no rigid, one-size-fits-all lesson plans. A few subjects that you may want to cover include:

  • Basic Mac Use
  • Internet Use
  • Microsoft Office on a Mac
  • iPhoto
  • iTunes
  • Email Management
  • Your Own Request Here