Tablet for Seniors

Some of the best tablets for older person you should know about

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Ever since the innovation of smart telecommunication devices and techs like smartphones and tablets, our lives have taken 360 degree turn. From bringing people closer on the internet to making access to information easy, this small yet powerful device has changes how we go about our daily lives. When it comes to smartphones and tablet devices, we only picture a young teen or adult holding a phone or gawking over the tablet screen. Little do if realize that there is in fact a growing group of tablet users. Recent research and market studies have indicated aging adults are becoming the new consumers of smart tech devices, especially specially designed senior tablets.

If you or someone you know is turning into an avid tech-savvy senior and need to know which tablet to buy, here is a small yet helpful list of a few options.

Microsoft Surface Pro 3

Surface Pro 3 is an easy to use and intuitive tablet with great performance and portability. If you are looking for a tablet for older person, you should consider this slate for sure. The tablet has a 12-inch display that makes it good for seniors with vision problems. The slate features a slim and thin design and is light in weight. Given its large screen and font size, the user can spend endless hours going through the apps without straining the eyes.

Although the tablet weighs only 800 grams and comfortable to carry, it comes with its kickstand. Instead of using your hands to hold the tablet, you can rest it on the stand and carry on the work. Another add-on offered with the tablet is a keyboard cover that is functional and easy to use. Speaking of the operating system and software has Windows 8.1 Pro 64-bit operating system and Intel HD graphics chipset. One can run multiple apps on the tab at once and enjoy smooth navigation.

Birdsong Tablet

When it comes to tablet designed for seniors, the discussion is incomplete without the mention of the Birdsong Tablet. What’s so special about this tab? Well, everything. Right from the sleek design of the tablet to all it has stored inside it has been thought over by the designers of this tablet. This device is dedicated exclusively to cater the needs of aging adults. It comes in two display variants, 10-inch and 15-icnh screen size which is perfect for seniors who have vision issues.

Besides having a big screen, it has a thin body and is very light and comfortable to hold. The tablet has some of the most senior-friendly apps and features. Like an ever-present Home button that can be used to come back to the home screen whenever needed. One can play endless memory games, watch videos and audios, share the picture to other family members through a picture portal, and place calls.

Asus Memo Pad

Asus Memo Pad is an affordable tech piece for the seniors. although it’s not slim like the above two tablets, it’s lightweight and finishes, making it a comfortable yet stylish tablet. It has a 1920X1200 pixels IPS display and offers a great view from side angles. The tablet is very responsive to touch and comes to life instantly.