VTS, Who’s that?

Tristan Roberson and Jordan Soltman are highschool students who have been putting their knowledge and understanding of computers into a beneficial service to the residents of Vashon and Maury Island. For years we have worked hard to create a realiable, fair priced, and personal business that will never leave you struggling in today’s growing mess of technology. We take care to follow each individual’s computer setup to best provide a quick and accurate solutions to everyday problems. Want proof of what we do? Please check out the Review Us page.

Vashon Tech Support Computer Services

In Home Servicing
Vashon Tech Support comes to you. Forget about lugging that computer out of your house and to a store. Your problems are at home and that is where they need to be addressed.
Emergency Services
When things go from bad to worse and time is running out Vashon Tech Support will be there. Off hour, 24/7 assistance is always available.
PC Servicing
Windows got you down? Don’t worry. We will come with solutions from Microsoft Windows 95 to Microsoft Vista.
Mac Servicing
We do Macs too! Full featured support for the entire Mac collection.
Personal Lessons
Our newly redesigned extensive lesson program give you the knowledge and tools you need for every kind of computing. Please visit the lessons page for more information.
Malware Services
Spyware, Adware, and Viruses! Oh my! Vashon Tech Support will help you remove those nasty infections leaving your computer clean and running strong.
Need help getting a computer connected to the internet, sharing files and printers, or setting up Wi-Fi? We can help.
Data Recovery and Backup
There is nothing worse than losing all your data. Our expert methods can recover files or secure them with a safe data backup.
Hardware Services
Need more space? Want to boost your system’s performance? Our hardware services make those upgrades and fixes happen.
Software Services
The available software in today’s market is endless. Buy something new or have us install it.
Devices Support
Have a new phone, iPod, or another gadget that you want to learn more about? Have us help you set it up so you can get the most out of your new toy.
Home Theatre Setup
Get help setting up your new home theatre with sound, television, and DVD/Blue-Ray. We will organize the space to get it looking good!